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Sociology and Anthropology examine the processes of social and cultural life in diverse human societies, past and present. These core disciplines of the Social Sciences are closely linked to the Humanities, since various aspects of culture and society concern them all.

The celebration of social, cultural, and ethnic diversity among the students and faculty as well as in the subject matter, is a hallmark of our Department. It offers a full range of undergraduate programs, including joint programs in both disciplines. If you're wondering what sociology or anthropology can do for you - check out our Great Grads!

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Explore our graduate and undergraduate programs in sociology, anthropology, or both!

Find out about student life:  visit our department's graduate and undergraduate student association pages and learn about life in Montreal.

When you're ready, visit the Concordia graduate studies and undergraduate studies pages for information on applying to Concordia.

Department members can access administration pages via the department link on their MyConcordia site.

Recent Books

Our department members are active researchers and award-winning authors. Please see our Research section for a list of recent books by our faculty and students.

Student Resources

Our website contains important resources, checklists, and forms to help current graduate and undergraduate students make their way through the system.

Great Grads!

We want to hear from you! Read just a few of your stories in our Great Grads profiles.

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