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Sociology and Anthropology Graduate Students Association (SAGSA)

SAGSA is a student run organization that promotes the interests of the graduate students of Concordia University’s Department of Sociology & Anthropology. As an organization with membership of over fifty students across the two disciplines, our main functions include organizing an interdisciplinary conference and student representation. It is the aim of SAGSA to develop our organization to better help graduate student interests, in areas such as seeking out venues for publication. The organization is jointly operated by two co-presidents who rely on a team of graduate students to help carry out the financial aspects as well as planning functions of the organization. As a member of the GSA (Graduate Student Organization) we are also entrusted with bringing issues of importance to Sociology & Anthropology graduate students to light in the context of Concordia University’s wider audience. You can contact SAGSA by e-mail (

General By-Laws of the Sociology and Anthropology Graduate Students' Association of Concordia University

Context 2013 Conference Proceedings (Abstracts)

inDiscipline is an interdisciplinary graduate student journal published annually by the Sociology and Anthropology Graduate Students’ Association at Concordia University. This first publication showcases the work of some of the participants from the 2014 Graduate Student Conference, which is organized by SAGSA annually. The theme of the 2014 conference was Intersections: Multidisciplinarity, Method, and Medium in Social Science Research.

Concordia Graduate Students' Association

Graduate students in Sociology and Anthropology can also join the Concordia Graduate Students' Association. For more information, please consult the GSA website.


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