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Graduate Studies

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Welcome to graduate studies in Sociology and Anthropology at Concordia University

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Sociology and Anthropology are core disciplines of the social sciences that examine the processes of social and cultural life in diverse human societies, past and present. The presence of both disciplines provides Concordia University’s Department of Sociology and Anthropology with a unique feature that is reflected in the cross-fertilization of ideas at every level of the academic curriculum.

The Programs
The Department offers three programs of graduate study: Master of/Magisteriate in Arts in Sociology, Master of/Magisteriate in Arts in Social and Cultural Anthropology, and Doctor of/Doctorate in Philosophy, Social and Cultural Analysis.

The MA program in Social and Cultural Anthropology is designed to provide students with advanced training in anthropology as well as the intercultural skills they need to work effectively as consultants or mediators in multicultural contexts. The program is designed to sensitize students to their ethical responsibilities, provide them with a taste of fieldwork, help develop a critical understanding of anthropological theory, and encourage experimentation with the medium, form and style of ethnographic presentation.

The MA program in Sociology provides advanced studies in classical and contemporary sociological theory, quantitative and qualitative research methods and design, a variety of specialized fields of research. The program emphasizes pluralism in its approaches to theory and methods, and encourages students to creatively and actively engage their sociological training in a wide variety of established and emerging fields.

The PhD program in Social and Cultural Analysis draws on cutting-edge research practice and traditions in sociological and anthropological thought to provide a uniquely bi-disciplinary program of study allowing graduates to pursue a variety of high level careers. Program students’ research projects are informed by the program’s four main areas of specialization: globalization, social inclusion/exclusion, perception and representation, justice and social ethics. In keeping with the philosophical and pedagogical nature of the Department, this bi-disciplinary program is a true integration of the disciplines of sociology and anthropology — the first of its kind in Quebec and Canada at the PhD level.

Faculty Support
Program students are supported in their work by the scholarly excellence of the department’s highly qualified professors from a wide variety of theoretical orientations and life-experience backgrounds. Please see our faculty profiles for a more detailed description of each faculty member’s research and teaching activities. The diverse research interests of our faculty include:

  • capitalism and crisis
  • indigenous cultures
  • health and well-being in the sex industry
  • migration and mobilities
  • lifestyle and addictions
  • men and masculinities
  • transnational feminism
  • social economy, environment and food
  • transitions in the family and population
  • human rights and socio-legal studies
  • digital culture, play and games
  • citizenship and transculturalism
  • fear, risk and governmentality
  • the body and the senses
  • racialization and critical race theory

Students have a long tradition of involvement in our faculty’s research projects and in the research generated in the Department’s various associated research centres. Please view the descriptions of our faculty members’ ongoing funded research projects and the various associated research assistantship opportunities that our faculty members have to offer our program students. Our faculty members are well known for their encouragement of student participation in research locally, nationally, and internationally.

Graduate Student Research Community
Located on the Sir George Williams campus in the heart of downtown Montreal, the Department is committed to fostering a supportive graduate student community where a collegial atmosphere provides both a comfortable working environment and opportunities for open discussion and debate. Our graduate students are provided with office space, various funding opportunities(including teaching and research assistantships), small class sizes, and the opportunity to help organize and participate in student-run research conferences. Please see the School of Graduate Studies website and the Graduate Student Handbook for more information about resources for graduate students at Concordia University.

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