Stories from Montreal

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All Editions of Stories From Montreal are available from the Concordia University Bookstore.

Ethnographic Accounts of Life in North America's Francophone Metropolis

Volume 5: Maike Storks with Sebastian Anstis and Siena Anstis (Montréal: Tulipe Press, 2010)

Volume 4: Nirmala Bains with Martha Elvir, Ya-Ling Fan, Sarah Orr, and Miriana Vetere (Montréal: Tulipe Press, 2001)

Volume 3: Talia Weisz, Rachel James, and Isabelle Amy LeGoff

Volume 2: Tammy Saxton, Crystal Leger, and Karoline Truchon

Volume 1: Louise Gauthier, Tammy Saxton, and Chana Cohen

Copies may be ordered from the Concordia University Bookstore.


Volume 5: Table of Contents

Part I: Ethnic and Religious Groups in Montreal

  1. Liesure and Identity: Fun Practices of Young Veiled Montrealers
    Sertaç Sehlikoglu Karakas
  2. German Immigrants in Montreal: Investigating Immigration, Integration and Identity
    Maike Storks
  3. Seeking "that Kenyan Taste that We Have within Ourselves": Changing Food Practices among Kenyans in Montreal
    Alexandra Williams

Part II: Subcultures in Montreal

  1. "The Look Is the New Message": Hipsters Negotiating a Postmodern Identity
    Elizabeth Gallou
  2. Fury Now: Boundary Creation and Ritual in the Punk Scene
    Cameron Fenton

Part III: Structure and Organization of Society

  1. Prison Visit: Meeting the "Other" and the Transformation of Personal Stereotypes
    Siena Anstis
  2. Anthropology on the Street
    Thomas Prince
  3. Royal Canadian Legion: A Voluntary Organization in Transition
    Ricky Curotte

Part IV: Gender, Sexuality, and Love

  1. Polyamory: Deconstructing the "Traditional" and Reconstructing the Alternative - México City, D.F.
    Emiliana Donadi Sánchez
  2. X-out Boundaries: Private & Public, Symbolic Essay
    Camilo Gomez-Duran

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Volume 4: Table of Contents

Miriana Vetere: Identity in the Italian Community of Saint-Leonard

  • What makes us Italian? A journey into notions of national, community, and personal identity

Tamara Tashi McCarthy: Les langues du Montréal: Following French and English from everyday life to employment opportunities

  • A brief history of the French language and consequent tensions are presented through the experiences of the ethnographer.

Catherine Kendler: Urban Gathering: Explorations with Montreal's dumpster divers

  • What is dumpster diving and who engages in it? Submerge yourself in garbage cans to get a better understanding of food politics.

Sumayya Ayoub: Duality: the fine balance between sexuality and Arab tradition

  • "Coming out" in North America does not entail coming out at home. Discover how some gay Arab men negotiate their sexual identity between two worlds.

Dafna Israel: On Campus Political Space: Behind the scenes of Cinema Politica screening for awareness

  • A backstage look at the organizers, the filmmakers, and the participants of this on-campus film screening event.

Ya-Ling Fan: Me and the Library

  • An auto-ethnography written through the discovery of the differences that can bring people together in a shared setting.

Marth A. Elvir Prieto: Women, Children, and the Playgrounds of Montreal

  • The culture of motherhood explored through outings to the local playground. Commonalities are unravelled through the experience of mothers as it intersects with the love for place and a stage in the journey into motherhood.

Elisabeth Callahan: No Fixed Meaning: An ethnographic photo essay

  • Why did you get that tattoo? The cultural phenomenon of tattoos is explored in a collaborative undertaking.

Rayah Al-Mashal: An Arabian Cultural Juxtaposition: "Negotiating identities and ascertaining equilibrium" in multi-sited social communities in Canada

  • A nattartive-based literary approach that illustrates the life experiences of three Arab Muslim women studying in Montreal.

Natalie Blais: The Herouxville Declaration: Accommodation hearings: What is "reasonable accommodation" of "others"?

  • Individuals' perceptions and understandings of accommodation and intercultural differences are explored.

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