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The Sociology & Anthropology Student Union (SASU) is an association aiming to promote a sense of community among the students of the Sociology and Anthropology department through parties, movie nights, professor-coffee talks, trips, and loads of other special events and services. We are always open to suggestions from sociology and anthropology students, as they are the ones we so devotedly represent. To make a suggestion, to volunteer, to get more information, or just to hang out and talk, swing by at H-1108-2 or e-mail us at sasu.concordia@gmail.com.

2010-2011 SASU Executive Team

Internal Coordinator -

The Internal Coordinator organizes and facilitates everyday association operations and oversees and support coordinators in their duties. The Internal Coordinator is the primary liaison between the association and other bodies within the Sociology and Anthropology department.

External Coordinator -

The External Coordinator is responsible for being the liaison officer with student groups and associations within Concordia, the Montreal community and other regional, national, international organization. She also serves as the union representative on the Arts & Science Federation of Associations (ASFA) council.

Finance Coordinator -

The Finance Coordinator is a signing authority and will hold responsibility over the financial matters of the association. Financial coordinator is also responsible for administering the budget of the keeping the financial records of the association, as well as any other duties accidental to her office or any duties mandated by the SASU Executive Team and/or the ‘Arts & Science Federation of Associations’ from time to time.

Communications Coordinator -

The Communications Coordinator is the main contact to the students to keep them informed. He is responsible for keeping the website up to date, compiling and sending bi-weekly updates, and administering the association’s mailing list.

Academic Coordinator -

The Academic Coordinator sits on the academic departmental committees, assist students who require advocacy with the department and be responsible for keeping up to date lists such as bursaries and scholar ships available to students of the department.

Student-at-Large (3) -

The student body at large has the responsibility to represent the voice of the greater student community enrolled in Sociology and Anthropology whether they are full time, part time, or independent. Attendance to every meeting is not required, but active participation and interest is expected.

Annual General Assembly Year-End Report 2008-2009


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